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Junctions & Wall Ends These simple pieces will make your tabletop layout even more amazing. Create sprawling dungeons with endless corridors and tightly spaced rooms that still leave plenty of space for miniatures.
Modular Room Add-On If you’re looking to expand your V.M.D. a little at a time, then the Modular Room expansion set is what you need. Whether you’ve already got a collection or you just have the Modular Room Starter Set, you can link multiple Add-Ons together to form an endless network of rooms and hallways. Since the individual pieces are compatible with the V.M.D. system, you aren’t stuck with just a single layout design or room size. You’re options open.
Swinging Doors The Swinging Doors expansion set gives you five doorway options as well as elements that reveal secret passages and hidden doorways. One of these options provides you with a double door, so you can make impressive entryways to grand rooms.